Exclusive Album Stream: Like Rats

When we were told that Chicago’s Like Rats featured members of grind provocateurs, Weekend Nachos getting in touch with their inner Tom Warrior (the one who’s written about in the Only Death is Real book, not this one), we got pretty excited. We got even more chuffed when Dom at A389 came a ringin’ with the offer of sharing the entirety of the band’s latest, and first full length, with you weirdos who, if you don’t already genuflesct regularly at the altar of Hellhammer and early Celtic Frost, then why the fuck not?

Either way, check out Like Rats and if you like what you hear, go order it from A389 – it’s appropriately pressed on “oxblood” coloured vinyl, don’tcha know?

If you need further convincing, here’s some footage of the band playing live: