STREAMING: Arkhamin Kirjasto’s “The Cult Of No Return”

One of the more intriguing things to have landed in my inbox recently is Finland’s Arkhamin Kirjasto. It might be because music writers are anxious to drop a label on something and it’s damn near impossible to classify. Is it power metal? Hard rock? Or, as the band says on their Facebook page, “Lovecraftian Hard Rock/Death Metal”? That sort of has all the bases covered, even if Lovecraft liked classical.
One thing about the track “The Cult Of No Return” is that it makes us want to get down the same way “Now, Diabolical,” did when Satyricon decided to surprise (and potentially alienate) their entire fan base about six years ago. So if you don’t like big riffs and hooks it might not be for you. Like arena rock meeting something heavier? Give it a taste and flick the Bic.

The single is available for purchase now at iTunes and other sites in advance of the band’s new album Torches Ablaze, due from Ektro Records on September 5. Stream the track below and then watch a video.

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