STREAMING: Nihill’s “Trauma: Crushing Serpens Mercuriales”

To paraphrase the almighty David Lee Roth, “Summertime’s here, babe, need something to keep you cool. Better look out now, Decibel‘s got somethin’ for you.” Some frozen fuckin’ Dutch black metal on stick, that’s what we’ve got. Minus the stick. But full-on frostbitten, we swear. This premiere is guaranteed to drop the ambient temperature in your abode by about 40F degrees (or 20C degrees if you live in Canada).
This epic track—we don’t skimp on the premieres do we?—is the final one on Nihill’s latest album, Verdonkermaan, which is set for release next Tuesday, Aug. 21, on Hydra Head. You can hear another track from it here at HH HQ and pre-order it here.

Put on your coziest cardigan, grab a bottle of Jester King Black Metal and prepare to get kvlt with “Trauma: Crushing Serpens Mercuriales”.

Track Listing:
Vuur: the deathwind of resurrection.
Spiral: the tail eater.
Oerbron: returning to the primal matter.
Gnosis Pt. IV.
Trauma: crushing serpens mercuriales.