STREAMING: Premiere two tracks from Noisear’s “Turbulent Resurgence”

Noisear’s debut Subvert the Dominant Paradigm was one of the finest grind albums to scar the planet last year. It was remarkable: not only was it a nerve-shredding compendium of white-hot dissonance, skronky grind and blast that recalled by-gone genre royality Discordance Axis, but it was written and recorded in little over a day.
Maybe that’s what makes the Albuquerque, NM, grind crew sound so improvisational, so unpredictable that they sound like they’ve been taken some of that blue meth Walter White’s been cooking up. In reality, they just smoke tons of pot and endorse the Brutal Truth ethos off rolling up and grinding out …

Courtesy of Willowtip, we’ve got two tracks from forthcoming album Turbulent Resurgence, out 25th September: “Born Alone Die Alone” and “Fiery Rebirth”. The evolution of Noisear’s sound may have been skewed by host of line-up changes guitarist Dorian Rainwater relocating to San Diego; plus with Noisear’s interstate personnel occupied in other projects, notably Phobia and Kill the Client, practice time is rationed. But Turbulent Resurgence is a focused of targeted blast-and-riff, more straight-ahead than its predecessor, that is similarly the result of a day’s writing, with 48hours for the band to put it to tape.

Yeah, these tracks are pretty short, but that hardly matters. Noisear play grind with the sort of intensity that once their jams reach terminal velocity time starts to stretch out to nothingness and lose all meaning. You can preorder it here.

Noisear “Born Alone Die Alone” by Decibel Magazine
Noisear “Fiery Rebirth” by Decibel Magazine

Insane, huh?
Another two tracks are up now on Willowtip’s bandcamp page.