Schizoid Wants You to Know He’s Extremely Extreme Too

There’s a good reason we don’t feature a lot of digital hardcore around these parts. That’s because most of it isn’t worth featuring. Dudes, if there was ever a musical revolution that fizzled out like a wet firecracker of disappointment quicker than the one Atari Teenage Riot was supposed to lead into the frenzied future, then I haven’t been paying attention.
One digital noisemaker I can get down with, however, is Toronto’s J. Schizoid. I’ve been following Schiz’s “powerviolent blackened digital hardcore industrial punk” for a long while now. A handful of the top releases from his D-Trash recording stable have impressed me over the years, but it always comes back to malcontent Jay providing the most violent and uncomfortable listen.

We’re on the eve of the release of his umpteenth recording, the album he’s calling his crowning achievement, The Next Extreme. Jay is releasing this self-everything record himself, and got in touch with me, asking to help him out (And why not? If you ever get a chance to check out Schizoid’s press clippings, look who wrote half of them…) as he’s also handling all promo duties himself. The plan was to run an interview, but the YouTube clip below provides all the answers to all the pertinent questions.

So, I decided to leave it at that and ask the man to provide whatever material he felt anyone who might want to check out his project might want to check out. And the floodgates opened…

“I’m also taping a live album. We’ve been gigging side A (tracks 01-08) and just playing that as a set for practice. We’re recording it July 25th 2012 at Nocturne (in Toronto) along with THE FIRST SEED, NWODTLEM and NINJAH FAREYE. We’re basically gonna play the shit out of the material (I have a live “noisician” now, with a bassist joining next month) and do it perfectly. Then, we’ll repeat this cycle with Side B and at the end of the year release The Live Extremes

“You know that movie American Movie? Have you seen it. For years when I was sitting around on my ass while this album grew fungus on it, I was watching that movie going ‘I’m that fucking yokel, except of instead of wanting to make a movie I’m wanting to make a disc, otherwise just as pathetic.’ To be an artist a musician these days takes a lot of commitment to even try and get an original thought let alone just play video games or eat or do something. Getting this album finished was definitely great as far as seeing an artistic light at the end of the tunnel. Some songs are even about the album itself and mocking the idea of me even voicing these ‘negative ideas’ and writing songs about them like some kind of asshole or something, and about how the songs won’t even end up getting heard anyway. Like being your own worst critic. I don’t know what led me on that rant but that’s kinda where the anger is coming from in this more frustration with myself instead of FUCK The WTO, Fuck the churches, etc that kinda thing. Grimness.”

Then, he sent two promo videos he’s already had done for album tracks:

“The new SCHIZOID album will have a limited run of 50 cassettes before the digipacks are ready. Very limited. Cassettes include:
-old school style intro/outro leaders
-handcrafted, numbered and autographed to 50 copies
-all tapes duplicated from original masters (not at high speed)
-cassette release only includes razor blade.”

The album comes out Aug 1st at
The album comes out Sept 1st on Itunes, etc
The album comes out Oct 1st as a physical release on D-Trash Records