Metalus Non Grata

These should be top-of-the-world days for Vilipend bassist Mike Crossley. The two early streams off the Toronto band’s upcoming Inamorata 12-inch — “Last Stand of the Hopeless Romantic” and “Great White Nothing” — have earned an enthusiastic from fans of chaotic noisecore aggression and a sure-to-be-killer tour with Meek is Murder is imminent.
Alas, some asshole landlord had to come along and piss on the parade by refusing to grant Crossley quarter after a bit of Googling revealed Crossely’s allegiance to the Metal Militia.

Here’s the email Crossley and his wife Lara received after submitting to a lengthy approval process:

Hello Mike & Lara,

Sorry for the delay.

I will be straight up with you both. We were quite ready to make a decision in your favour the other night.

However, upon investigation of the band Vilipend, it has brought forward some concerns for us. We are uncomfortable with the energy that this music manifests.

We really enjoyed meeting with you both and you have shown both professionalism and patience in this process. We thank you for that. However, we feel it is not the best fit for our house and our other tenants.

We wish you both the best of luck in your pursuits.


Yes, yes. We really enjoyed meeting you both. Now fuck off already. And take that bad metal juju with you.

Lara’s context and response, found here, are worth a read, but Mike really breaks it down in a note to supporters on the Vilipend Facebook page:

If we’re being discriminated against as a dual full-time income, white, middle-class, heterosexual couple with good references just because I play in Vilipend, imagine the difficulty somebody who doesn’t have those advantages must experience.