STREAMING: Denial Of God “Death and the Beyond”

Denial Of God formed in Denmark in 1991. Right in the middle of the Golden Age of Swedish death metal and the nascent stages—Abruptum had just started to kick coffins, for example—what would be come the a worldwide black metal scene. Though few bands had full-lengths out—save for Bathory (now in the Viking phase), Root, Tormentor, Mayhem, and perhaps Tiamat—black metal was vibrant and inspired. Even though there appeared to be a unified front, there wasn’t. Case in point: Denial Of God. As far back as 1992’s Oscularium Infame demo, the Danes were rarely mentioned as party to any circle—inner or outer—but that didn’t stop the Devil-worshipping outfit from releasing seven EPs before locking down a full-length in 2006’s The Horrors of Satan long-player.
Well, now Denial Of God has returned, its early ’90s black metal intact. To celebrate via sacrificed virgins and rivers of goat blood, we’ve paired up with the infernal Hells Headbangers to bring you the full album stream of Denial of God’s new album, Death and the Beyond. Let this one sink in to find the darkest recesses of your cranium. It’s a slow burner, but a good burner.

Says Hells Headbanger’s lead ‘banger: “The ghoulish masters of the crypt return! Their first full-length in six years, underground legends Denial Of God emerge from the grave with Death and the Beyond, the band’s heaviest and most morbid monument to date. Containing eight cursed tracks in 62 minutes and recorded in 13 days the analog way at the legendary Berno Studio (Grotesque, Kaamos, Amon Amarth, etc.) in Sweden, Death and the Beyond captures all the trademark darkness and ghoulish atmosphere of classic Denial Of God, now going on 20-plus years. Want the perfect combination of black, death, doom, and heavy metal? Seek Death and the Beyond!”

** Denial Of God’s new album, Death and the Beyond, is out now on CD from Hells Headbangers. Click HERE to order the CD. Vinyl and cassette will be available in early August. Or, you can not click the HERE link and be cast into the fiery pits of Hell, where Jack van Impe and his re-animated “wife” assail you with the iniquity of the day. Forever!