Exclusive Preview Track: The Catalyst Wants to Swordfight

I discovered Richmond’s The Catalyst the old-fashioned way: the dude at their former record company, Perpetual Motion Machine, sent me a vinyl copy of their first EP, Marianas Trench. Then, that same person sent me a CD copy of the expanded version of said record, Marianas Trench+9. At least that was the old-fashioned way for us long-in-the-tooth hacks. People would just send us promo shit and it’d make us happier than shit, generally speaking anyway. Either way, I liked the multi-directional weirdness of their AmRep-meets-Melvins-meets-thrash-meets-Lollapalooza-when-it-was-cool sonic soup to check out (and enjoy!) their last album, Swallow Your Teeth.
The band is set to release their next album, Voyager, come September and from what I’ve heard thus far, it would appear the quartet has taken lessons in “being pissed off” and “irascible metal.” Here, we present an exclusive preview of said recording in the form of a track called “King of Swords.” Enjoy! If you do, check them out as they just started a month-long American trek a few days ago and, like any band on the road, would appreciate the support and a few friendly, smiling faces down front. Streaming tune, album blurb, tour dates and contact info below.

Just in time for the end days, Richmond, Virginia’s THE CATALYST return with the long-awaited followup to 2009’s criminally underrated Swallow Your Teeth, a sonic odyssey into the furthest, blackest reaches of interstellar space and the human psyche that is fittingly titled Voyager.

Recorded over two weeks in the Spring of 2012 at Richmond’s legendary Sound Of Music Recording Studio (GWAR, AVAIL, LAMB OF GOD, STRIKE ANYWHERE) by producer Bryan Walthall, Voyager comprises the band’s most focused, crushing, and relentless work to date. Having recently parted ways with longtime multi-instrumentalist Jamie Faulstich, THE CATALYST reemerges as a trio without having shed even a hair of the genre-bending, disorienting intensity they have come to be known for.

These ten brand new songs–clocking in at just under 40 minutes–touch on an almost unbelievable range of influences. From the feedback-saturated heroics of NIRVANA and THE MELVINS to the blistering hardcore punk sounds of BORN AGAINST and CONVERGE with stops along the way to check in with TORCHE, YOUNG WIDOWS, DRIVE LIKE JEHU and more.
The 12″ LP is out everywhere September 4th, 2012, and features stunning cover art by Brien White on a heavy duty, full-color gatefold with three different color vinyl variants and includes a digital download with every purchase. The band will be hitting the road July 22nd for a month long tour stretching as far west as the Rocky Mountains. In tow, they will have an advance limited run of the LP on clear and orange haze vinyl limited to 200 pieces.

To coincide with the band’s first tour in over a year, Forcefield will be putting up a pre-order the day they leave which will be limited to 100 copies of the LP on orange and yellow swirl with black and red splatter. All Voyager pre-orders will ship August 13th ensuring you not only do you get a mind melting piece of color vinyl but that you will have it nearly three weeks before the record officially comes out.

Live Long and Prosper…’til December 21st.

1) (The Final Voyage Of The) Spaceship Catalyst
2) King of Swords
3) Square Waves
4) Occult Blood
5) Septagon
6) Jupiter Brain
7) Breathers
Big Bend
9) Open High
10) Voyager

7/22 Richmond, VA @ Banditos w/ Sea of Storms
7/23 Washington, DC @ Wasted Dreams
7/24 Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar w/ Seraphim, Wolfnuke, Old Lines
7/25 Philadelphia, PA – TBA
7/26 New Brunswick, NJ @ the Alamo
7/27 Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio w/ Ancient Sky, Tournament
7/28 Boston, MA @ Whacky Kastle w/ the Deads, Grass is Green, Sneeze
7/29 Ithaca, NY @ the Space at Greenstar w/ Why+The+Wires, Dionaea, Temuchin
7/30 Cleveland, OH @ Mahalls w/ Black Puddle Noise, Banging Fragiles
7/31 Indianapolis, IN @ Nick Cassette’s House of Wonder w/ Chaotic Neutral, You’re a Liar
8/1 Chicago, IL @ the Township w/ Den, Cold Lovers, Old Fuck
8/2 Rock Island, IL @ Rozz-Tox w/ Lord Green, Centaur Noir
8/3 Omaha, NE @ Oleaver’s Pub w/ the Fucking Party
8/4 Denver, CO @ Curtis Street Tavern w/ Swells
8/5 Albuquerque, NM @ ABQ Peace and Justice Center w/ Contortionist, Prison of Sound
8/6 Oklahoma City @ **NEED HELP**
8/7 Tulsa, OK @ the Crystal Pistol
8/8 Dallas, TX – TBA w/ Big Fiction
8/9 Austin, TX – TBA w/ Chest Pain
8/10 New Orleans, LA @ **NEED HELP**
8/11 Tallahassee, FL @ new bar ##
8/12 Gainesville, FL @ the Atlantic w/ Post Teens ##
8/13 Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern ##
8/14 Atlanta, GA @ 529
8/15 Nashville, TN – TBA ***
8/16 Louisville, KY – TBA ***
8/17 Columbus, OH – TBA ***
8/18 Pittsburgh, PA – TBA ***
8/19 Wilmington, DE @ 700 social club w/ Count Von Count ***
8/21 Richmond, VA @ strange matter w/ Suppression ***

## w/ Burnt Books
*** w/ Gnarwhal