Back Up in Them Guts

While this isn’t really new news, as the original annoucement of noisy, melodic, post-everything-core quartet, Planes Mistaken For Stars reuniting for a quick East Coast summer tour was originally made back in May, the kick-off date draws closer, my friends. And seeing how memory retention is on par with attention spans these days, we here at the Deciblog are dropping a reminder in your crusty laps. Mainly because we’re afraid if we don’t, we’ll forget just as hard as you will.

Originally forming in 1997 and releasing three full-lengths – including their un-fuckwithable masterstroke, 2001’s Fuck With Fire – along with various singles and EPs before calling it quits in 2008, PMFS is yet another band basking in post-break-up popularity. They’re also adding fuel to the fire of my personal theory that no band will stay broken up forever. Hell, if the likes of Queen and The Who can keep going after all the mordid tales they’ve endured, then who’s to derisively point fingers at PMFS for returning because drummer Mike Ricketts felt the need to walk away after being overly irritated at the way guitarist/vocalist Gared O’Donnell’s farts thickened the air of the piece of shit van they used to tour in?*

Either way, the tour dates are below and you should also note that their 2006 album, Mercy (which was produced by Matt Bayles and ended up being their final full-length) is being reissued by No Idea to coincide with this reconvening. No word if this is going to spur any new material, so hearing old faves might be the beginning and end of it. Enjoy it while you can.

[* this may, or may not, be the actual cause of the band originally splitting up]

Planes Mistaken For Stars Summer Reunion Tour:
Aug. 4th Chicago @ The Ultra Lounge *^
Aug. 5th Lansing, MI @ Macs Bar *%
Aug. 7th Boston, MA @ Great Scott
Aug. 8th Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus ~&
Aug. 9th Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwells ~
Aug. 10th Blacksburg, VA @ We Got Brains! Fest #
Aug. 11th Washington, D.C. @ Red Room #
Aug. 12th Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter #
Aug. 14th Cincinnati, OH @ TBA
Aug. 15th Peoria, IL @ Brass Rail /

* = w/ Worn in Red
^ = w/ Angry Gods
% = w/ FenceMen
~ = w/ The Sun, The Moon, The Stars
& = w/ Model Home
# = w/ Regents
/ = w/ The Forecast, Lark’s Tounge, Angry Gods