STREAMING: Exclusive premiere of Tankard’s “A Girl Called Cerveza”

Since we know that a few of you may be enjoying frosty barley pops and doing your best not to blow a limb off tomorrow while celebrating Independence Day, we figured a Tankard song premiere was in order. Yeah, don’t ask us how we got from Point A to Point B on that one, but just drink some more beer and we’re sure it’ll all start making sense.
We do know that that, like you, Tankard are pretty much looking for any excuse to crack one open and, uh, thrash. So, in addition to giving you a tasty little sip of the German quartet’s upcoming album, A Girl Called Cerveza (out on July 31 on Nuclear Blast), we got vocalist Andreas “Gerre” Geremia to give Old Glory a 4th of July salute with his Top 5 favorite American brews and the Tankard songs that best accompany them. Let’s just say that after 30 years of pounding cold ones, the brother has developed quite a palate.

5) Foster’s: Brewed in the U.S., but we still call it Australian. Best served nearly frozen. We say thank you, Miller, and put some Foster’s in the freezer. Therefore we have a story about leaving it in there too long called “Ice-olation.”

4) Black Radish: This dark lager by Weeping Radish has been chosen online as one of the “50 beers to drink before you die,” so we say, “Die With A Beer In Your Hand.”

3) Sam Adams Utopias: It is making us scream, “Need Money For Beer,” ’cause it is sold for about $150 a bottle.

2) Cave Creek Chili Beer: Our song “Running On Fumes” is very close to the motto of the [original brewer] Black Mountain. They say, “We Drink All We Can and Sell the Rest.” [Ironically, this beer is now made in Mexico by Tecate.]

1) Sam Adams Boston Lager: It’s widely distributed and it conforms to the German [brewing] purity law of 1516. The perfect [accompaniment] to the title track of our second album, Chemical Invasion, about our first commandment: “German beer’s among the finest/The beer is pure and chemical free.”

If that last one hasn’t further muddied the waters on this bizarre salute to beer drinking on the 4th by a German thrash metal vocalist, please allow us to present to you the title track of Tankard’s new album.