Exclusive Stream: Seven Inches of Seven Sisters of Sleep

Orange County’s Seven Sisters of Sleep aren’t big on going out of their way to get in people’s faces. Then again, I’m speaking from a shaking babies and kissing hands perspective. I’ve never seen them live and judging by the rusty heroin needle guitar tone and sociopathic throat abuse that drives their hammering of metallic hardcore into cubes of sludgy waste, they sound like the sort of band who would enjoy intimidating those who dare come on up to the front. Maybe with live power tools; maybe with open sores; maybe with the shards of broken glass thrown at your eyesholes by the Dark Lord Himself…
Whatever the case, they have a new 7″ that’s been out for a couple weeks now, courtesy our good friends at A389 Records, and if they themselves ain’t gunna do any promotin’, we’ll help because this is pretty sweet. We’ve so had our kneecaps blown back that we’re just now getting around to letting you in on checking it out. So, be a dear and check it out. Then, check out the snazzy packaging. Know that the 7″ package includes three brand new tracks on vinyl, comes with an enhanced CD featuring videos and three bonus tracks from the Children Of God Split 12″, a 16″x23″ poster insert, PLUS an exclusive embroidered 4″ patch! Look for their full length Opium Morals due at the end of the year.

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