STREAMING: Kadavar’s “Creature Of The Demon”

Getting compared to Black Sabbath’s legendary debut is a mixed blessing. Of course, it’s going to stoke interest in your band but is there anyone that can measure up to the album that’s quite literally responsible for everything on this blog and magazine?
Berlin, Germany’s Kadavar have elicited those comparisons, at least from the folks hired to get people like me to listen to records. They certainly look like they raided Bill Ward’s suitcase back in 1970 and posed in the same forest where Sab did all of their press shots up until Sabotage. And their sound definitely has a Birmingham/Bobby Liebling vibe.

Since doom legends Sleep and Pentagram picked the band to open for them in Europe we think they might be on to something. The band’s self-titled album will be released July 17 by Tee Pee Records and is available for order here. Give the new song “Creature Of The Demon” a spin below and let us know what you think.