STREAMING: Old Man Gloom Premiere Brand New Track!

Sure, other “music-related” sites bring you premieres of new tracks every other day. Even NPR has been known to throw a metal album on the interweb for your consumption. But you know where to go for the really good shit, right? That’s right, some to the killingest, trooest labels in all of metaldom entrust us to tantalize the metal world with these pre-release sneak peeks, so when their album drops the people who matter will know they gotta go out and git some of this shit.
And in that spirit we humbly subject treat you to the latest aural dust-up from Old Man Gloom. Some of these other show-off sites that premiere tracks from a really good group that everyone loves have nothing on us, because we are streaming a track from a Supergroup (yeah, I totally capitalized that, motherfucker) that includes dudes from six other really good groups. Which is kind of weird, because there are only four people in the group. We suppose they must all be such good musicians that they’re each in several of the best bands in the world.

For instance, have you heard of Converge, ISIS, Cave In, Zozobra, Doomriders and Mamiffer? Don’t be ridiculous, of course you have. Well, some of those guys are in OMG. You know what we say to that? O.M.G. Yeah, we’re that stoked for our own premiere.

We’ve actually the heard the song, so it’s more of a premiere for you than it is for us. Not bragging or anything, but suffice it to say that the smug, self-satisfied feeling we have comes from knowing that we’ve been listening to a really cool song called “To Carry the Flame” from the album NO for a good couple weeks, and you still probably haven’t even bothered to skip down and click play yet. You should probably do that now. You can come back up and read the rest of the wisdom we’re about to drop while you’re getting a spinal readjustment from the sonic pressure OMG exerts on your fucking head, neck and shoulders. Hurts so good.

Actually we don’t really have any more wisdom to drop and if we’re being completely honest, none of the above qualifies as much more than idiotic rambling. So, enjoy the fourth track on the fifth album from Old Man Gloom. You can purchase this album when it is released next Tuesday, June 26, by Hydra Head Records. Or you can pre-order seven different ways here.