STREAMING: Father Befouled “Indulgence of Abhorrent Prophecies”

“‘Indulgence of Abhorrent Prophecies’ is the lead-off track of the album, and we are extremely proud of it and the album as a whole. We feel it is much stronger musically than its predecessor, which itself was a step into a more mature era of the band. We took everything we did on Morbid Destitution of Covenant and made it darker and heavier. We delved deeper into the suffocating atmosphere we long to create. With Revulsion of Seraphic Grace we feel we have crafted the penultimate statement of the band, and a worthy entry into the death metal canon. Hail Death, Deny Christ.” So says Father Befouled vocalist/guitarist Justin Stubbs.

If we counted how many times a band said their new music was “darker and heavier” than whatever came before it, we’d spend an inordinate amount of time counting. That’s not how we envision spending our precious moments—we’d rather listen to Edge of Sanity’s Nothing but Death Remains—on God’s silly marble. But somehow what Stubbs and his fellow befouled have come up with on Revulsion of Seraphic Grace is in fact “darker and heavier”, as evidenced by the Internet collapsing on itself after 666 spins of new Father Befouled track, ‘Indulgence of Abhorrent Prophecies’.

So, let the sounds of suffocating madness resound!

** Father Befouled’s new album, Revulsion of Seraphic Grace, is out June 30th on Dark Descent Records. The CD pre-order is HERE, or for those with an affinity for wax, the vinyl pre-order is HERE.