Exclusive Stream: Thou and Hell Split Your Brains All Over Resurrection Bay

A couple weeks ago, I was sweating it out in Texas; in Austin, to be exact, at the Chaos in Tejas Fest. Late on Sunday afternoon, when most people were winding down their weekends and preparing for the sobering bitch-slap of reality that is Monday morning, myself and a few other hearty souls were taking in Chaos’ last day and getting our faces ripped off and shoved into our urethra’s by Baton Rouge’s funereal sludge/hardcore doom quintet, Thou. You know when you’re watching a band and you can’t help but turn to the person next to you, grin like a lunatic and/or holler something like “Being blown away by metal is fucking awesome!” in their ear and they know exactly what your nerdy ass is talking about? Well, multiply that by 20 and that was Thou at Chaos in Tejas.
Word has come down the pipeline from our good buddy Adam, who runs Gilead Media, that a few copies of Resurrection Bay, the split release featuring Thou and Salem, Orgeon’s droning sludge monsters, Hell, are still available. Not to play favourite’s, but until now I hadn’t heard of Hell (aside from the NWOBHM band, now signed to Nuclear Blast. VERY obviously not the same band here). But judging by their contribution (“Sheol”) Hell could probably convince a cheer squad from Kansas put a collective bullet into their brains immediately after winning the UCA National Championships. Total miserabilists. Anyhoo, there aren’t many of the original 1000 left. In fact, Gilead doesn’t even have any, so get you ass over to Pesanta Urfolk or Thrill Jockey and they should be able to help you out.

And because we love you because you love us, you can take the record for a test drive. Much thanks to Adam at Gilead, the Pesanta Urfolk gang and Thou and Hell for making me want to kill everyone around me, burn my neighbourhood to the ground then slit my wrists vertically, but do it while headbanging and with a smile on my face.