STREAMING: Malice “Hell Rider”

Formed in 1980, California’s Malice is absolutely cult—full-lengths In the Beginning… and License to Kill were both ushered out by major Atlantic Records to lukewarm reception in the mid-’80s—but ask any hesher in the sub-25 age range, and they’ll likely have no idea who Malice was or is. Unless, they bought the mid-aughts re-issues while on an exploratory binge, but let’s not digress too much. Malice’s return to the ever-moving spotlight—with Helstar vocalist James Rivera—will change that, especially now that the thirst for vintage metal is unbelievably unquenchable.
As the first full-length since ’87, Malice’s new album, New Breed of Godz, can be seen as a continuation of the closing track, “Godz of Thunder”, from In the Beginning…. Malice have re-found their fire, for sure. And it seems they’ve started to re-spin Judas Priest in earnest, which is also inline with the re-activated group’s previous Defenders of the Faith-inclined oeuvre. From the opening motorcycle engine rev to Rivera’s histrionic Halford-isms, New Breed of Godz can be viewed as an homage or the album Judas Priest should’ve made post-Ripper.

Sit back, click the arrow, and enjoy the blazing sounds of “Hell Rider”, re-worked and modernized. Ralf Scheepers certainly is.

** Malice’s new album, New Breed Of Godz, iz out June 19th on Steamhammer/SPV Records. It’s available HERE for pre-orderz, which is perfect ‘cauze Judas Priest ain’t coming out with anything relevant in the foreseeable future.