Jar’d Loose: Exclusive Track Preview

I’ll admit it; I hadn’t heard of Chicago’s Jar’d Loose until the press folk the band hired to spread the word spread the word right into my lap one day. I’ll also admit that there was a pretty good chance I would’ve passed on checking the band out because of that horrendous name they’ve saddled themselves with. But to quote some guy who’s a much better writer than I, “What’s in a name?”
So, when I finally got around to wrapping my ears around an advance of their forthcoming debut, Goes To Purgatory, I was taken aback by their sinewy take on noise rock and how it both reminded me and didn’t remind me of the 90s and bands all the way from Karp and Helmet to Janitor Joe and The Jesus Lizard. It’s at this point I mumbled a quote originally spoken by one C. Montgomery Burns: “I know what I hate and I don’t hate this.”

Check out a track from their album, to be released July 10th, entitled “Last Living Roach.”

If you’re interested, take a looksee at the hyperbole of the band’s official press release, below:

Goes to Purgatory
Cassette Deck Media
July 10, 2012

Chicago upstarts Jar’d Loose announce the release of their debut album, Goes to Purgatory, out July 10 on Cassette Deck Media.

From a city of musical innovators, Jar’d Loose present the next chapter in their hometown’s history of heaviness. Jar’d Loose’s sound is all their own — thoroughly rocking yet left-of-center, totally new yet aligned with the spirit of their musical ancestors, from The Jesus Lizard to Entombed.

At the core is teeth-clenching momentum — brutish, hellbound noise-rock driven by Pete and Eva Bialecki’s chugging freight train riffs and Phil Hardman’s bare bones beats, built for maximum headbanging. Leading the charge is frontman Eddie Gobbo with a voice like no other. Former frontman of The Muzzler, Gobbo holds court with a tormented, raspy punk snarl that’s one of a kind — unhinged and real, spitting lines like “I’d give my right eye / The left one stays with me / I’ll take the land of the blind / There I will become king.”

Atop this foundation, the band takes startling left turns. Riffs transcend all expectations, making detours into unforeseen realms — what starts as a fist-banging dirt rock anthem shape-shists into an ebullient refrain or a haunting death rock dirge. It’s Jar’d Loose’s ability to rock out hellishly then pull the listener into strange new dimensions that makes Goes to Purgatory one of the most exciting debuts to hit the streets this year.

Goes to Purgatory was recorded and mixed by Pete Grossman (Weekend Nachos, Harm’s Way) at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, and mastered by Carl Saff (Unsane, Red Fang) at Saff Mastering in Chicago.

1) Last Living Roach
2) Rotten Tooth
3) Appendage
4) Busted
5) Hell’s Mothers
6) Right Eye
7) Go Down with You
Coming Like a Nightmare

Eddie Gobbo – vocals
Pete Adam Bialecki – guitar
Eva Bialecki – bass
Phil Hardman – drums

P.S. Take note that the band’s drummer is named Phil Hardman. Dudes, “Phil-Fucking-Hardman”! How could they not be awesome?