Dennis Rondum’s (Spawn of Possession) Top 5 Tech-Death Songs

5. Death – “Overactive Imagination”
The cool thing about Individual Thought Patterns in my opinion is that it was such a big leap from the previous Death albums and you totally heard that when you pressed play and “Overactive Imagination” kicked in. That song has so much drive and cool patterns and let’s not forget, Andy LaRocque’s amazing solo contribution.

4. Cynic – “How Could I”
Back in the early nineties when we got into all these bands I think Cynic was one of the last to come to us. I remember Focus being one of those talked about albums that I just needed to get and when I finally got it, it was like bliss. “How Could I” is just one of those songs one can’t deny because it’s just so colorful and rich in texture. It really made an impression on us.

3. Gorguts – “Orphans of Sickness”
I brought The Erosion of Sickness to Jonas attention after it got released and it was just such a weird tech album. Sort of ahead of it’s time and I think “Orphans of Sickness” is one of the best songs from the album due to the off-the-wall riffing and the killer chorus that just sticks after one listening.

2. Monstrosity – “Manipulation Strain”
I went over to Jonas’s house one night to drink beer and he put on Millennium. This album was like shot out of a canon with its incredibly tight guitar playing. “Manipulating Strain” just stuck with me because of the intense drumming and Corpsegrinder’s sick vocal patterns.

1. Suffocation – “Brood of Hatred”
I remember Jonas played me Pierced From Within at a party right after it came out and just like him I was immediately hooked. One of the first songs that really hit us was “Brood of Hatred” because it was so brutal and inventive but at the same time not very fast. A killer track from a killer band.

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