Got Time To Kill? Like Being a Fly on the Wall?

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I don’t “do” podcasts. The reasons are many, but chiefly it’s because if I wanted to listen to the directionless ramblings of stoners talking about popular culture, I would hide out in the basement when my wife and her pot smoking pals get together. If I wanted to listen to the self-important ramblings of some self-appointed expert, I’d read his or her book at my own leisure and pace. Plus, most podcasts are way too lengthy. I’d rather put on one of the few thousand albums I haven’t spun in a coon’s age than listen to someone talk at me through the interhole. Maybe that’s just me being a miserable old fart, but to each his own.
One podcast I can and will recommend, however, is Ray Harkins’ 100 Words or Less. Ray is an old friend who used to be the vocalist in Taken and Mikoto, he used to do A&R at Century Media and Abacus Records. He presently books California’s Sound and Fury Fest and does liason work of some description between bands and PETA2 and despite his podcasts regularly and consistently using waaaaay more than 100 words on any topic, listening to him, his co-hosts and guests talk about topics on and off the beaten path is a good way to burn away an afternoon. Most recently and applicable, Ray has had Justin from Graf Orlock and Gared from Planes Mistaken For Stars in for lengthy chats. Older episode have included gab-fests with Scott from Earth Crisis and the guy who runs this magazine.

Check out 100 Words or Less for free here.