STREAMING: Deathspell Omega “Abrasive Swirling Murk”

French/Finnish combo Deathspell Omega have taken black metal to its most mystical extreme. They decline interviews (only handful since forming in 1998), are extraordinarily camera shy, and wouldn’t be caught metaphysically dead performing live in front of an audience. Now, most of this is conjecture. They may do interviews—with each other—and they may have a super-private collection of photos—maybe Mikko Aspa frolicking in the Finnish countryside—and they may have a little stage set up somewhere in central France, so they know what it “feels like”. But from our vantage point, Deathspell Omega don’t do what “normal” bands do. In fact, Deathspell Omega may not be a “band” at all. Just a collection of individuals with the same artistic vision. Alas, this quote (courtesy of Ezxhaton) pretty much tells you all you need to know. Let them create and they will create.
“First and foremost, we want to avoid at all costs this very human illusion of being important and gladly leave these fifteen minutes of fame, as Warhol brilliantly put it, to whoever wants them. In regard to what we are trying to understand and dare to praise despite the immense restrictions of human understanding, we are nothing. This being said, we are of course better than most humans, our humility lies on a metaphysical level. Eventually, it should also be considered that we honestly can not say how much of the artistic or intellectual impulses truly come from us, and which percentage of, for example, Si Monumentim Requires, Circumspice was conceived through or maybe even despite us. Claiming the paternity of a child with such odd and uncontrollable origins would be very vain, indeed, even if—at least—the credit of being an instrument remains. (“I shall descend in humiliation before Thee – And ascend before men only if thy will ordains me”)

Anyway, Decibel is absolutely honored to premiere—yes, premiere for all of humanity—the new Deathspell Omega song, “Abrasive Swirling Murk”.

** Deathspell Omega’s new EP, Drought, is out June 22nd, 2012 on Season of Mist. It can be ordered HERE, or face a deluge of Biblical proportions for not clicking on the hyperlink. Actually, if you don’t it’ll be OK. Just inflate properly and prepare to wear your favorite black metal swim wings.