Beer + Metal + Youtube = High Comedy

Yes, we know this about the laziest kind of post we can throw on yon Deciblog, but good christ we could not pass up the opportunity to share these. The simplest search on Youtube netted us some gems that 1) we could not stop watching and 2) were so bizarre as to make us wonder what the hell is wrong with people. Seriously. There must be some study done somewhere that draws the connection between the shit people decide to post on Youtube and the overall mental health and sanity of society. Don’t get us wrong, we’re GLAD that people are so narcissistic, simply for the comedic value, but we are a little disturbed.
So, if like us, you love beer and you love metal, you will love these beer and metal-themed Youtube vids.

We gotta start off with “The Metal MadmanTM” (yes he has trademarked his moniker, so step-off, bitches) who not only gives us some sweet air drumming to Iron Saviour, he chugs a beer in seconds flat. That’s his shtik apparently. And check out the sparring that ensues in the comments section of his vids.

Muppets playing metal is of course hilarious, but if you add beer—in this case Korpiklaani’s “Beer Beer”—it’s three times the funny.

While we love this guy’s taste in music, his “beer review” is lacking in detail. Unless of course, you consider “I’ve had worse, that’s for sure,” useful. He does give his frosty Holsten Festbock an 8 out of 10, then goes on to crank up the Sabbath for some killer headbanging at the 3-minute mark.

And now a commercial message from Pure Blonde Beer.

We had to add one more appearance from The Metal Madman who in this post shouts down “crybabies, pussy motherfuckers and posers,” and proves once and for all that he is not fakin’, as he chugs a Smuttynose IPA from his frosty Harpoon IPA glass.

We could have done a whole post on extreme bands doing beer-related tunes, but this kick ass track from Gang Green, L.D.S.B. (Let’s Drink Some Beer) says it all in 1:12.