STREAMING: Phobia “Submission Hold”

Grindcore legends Phobia may not be the most prolific full-length writers—six of ’em in 22 years—but what they lack in Genesis-like concept albums or MacGrubergrind throwback scene points, they make up for in sheer volcanic terror. If that sounds like journalistic exaggeration, well, it kind of is, but what band outside Napalm Death, Rotten Sound, a reactivated Repulsion, Fuck the Facts, or Wormrot—yes, these are personal favs, so shove it—has the fortitude, the skill, and pissed pants to continue the violence for two friggin’ decades? Case rested. Crap, forgot Brutal Truth.
Anyhow, there’s a new Phobia full-length on the horizon, and we here at the Deciblog demand that if the aforementioned namedrops tickle your pickle, then 18 songs in 19 minutes, as it pertains to the Remnants Of Filth long-player, should be on your list of lists this (early) summer. It’s not often we demand anything—other than you pressing the “Like” button on our Spacebook page—but today, this Friday the 11th, we want you to stream Phobia’s “Submission Hold” for all of 1 minute and six seconds. Actually, open up a separate browser and stream the song at the same time. Grindcore in dual-stereo.

OK, enough of our rambling. Here’s Phobia’s “Submission Hold”:

** Phobia’s new album, Remnants Of Filth, is out June 5th on Willowtip Records. It’s available HERE directly from Willowtip Records. We’d recommend ordering from them instead of flying to Ulaanbaatar and ordering it as an import. Just sayin’.