Paging Marco Foddis. Mr. Foddis, Are You There?

Of the few rules instructing the Hall of Fame interview process is all members—there’s been one exception in Decibel #16—that appeared on the recording must be interviewed. For a full set of rules, click here, but they’re boring. So, venturing on, there have been numerous and potentially earth-shattering Hall of Fame inductions that never got off the ground because former members are nowhere to be found. And trust me, we’re good at sleuthing. Even with the all-powerful Interwebs and contacts-heavy public relations professionals, some metallers have simply vanished.
Like Marco Foddis. The ex-Pestilence drummer was last heard on 1994’s Spheres long-player and last seen, at least by a member of Pestilence, “at a shopping mall sometime last year”. Of course, the current member didn’t talk to the former. Said the current, “We looked at each other and walked away”. By now, you’ve probably guessed that Decibel aims to induct a Pestilence record into the Hall of Fame, but have been stymied by the lack of progress where it concerns Mr. Foddis. So, we’re resorting to Brutal Truth’s way of handling extreme conditions. Extremely extreme responses, or whatever.

“Beneath the Remains by Blue Grape”

See, we’ve searched Facebook, trolled Myspace after a three-year hiatus, contacted ex-band mates (yes, even Sacrosanct), went up the food chain at Roadrunner Records, and had our palms read by a local fortune teller. Still, no Foddis. We had heard he sold his drums and is now a driving instructor. We had also heard he’s some kind of football (OK, soccer) wiz coach for V.V. Rigtersbleek in Enschede. There’s actually truth to the latter, but efforts to contact V.V. Rigtersbleek have yet to yield a response.

So, we’re asking you—fearless Decibel reader–to help us locate Mr. Foddis, so we can induct the first Dutch death metal record into the Hall of Fame. Which Dutch death metal record? It’s the only record where the cover art was created by an ad agency.

If you have a solid lead on Marco Foddis, you can email us directly by clicking here