STREAMING: Natur “Vermin Rift”, from long-awaited debut LP

Since Natur received a commendation from Fenriz’s Band of the Week approval bunker, the folks waving the searchlight through metal’s underground have been waiting impatiently for signs that the New York quartet could all get themselves into a studio and actually release an album.
A four-track demo, released two years ago and featuring signature track “Goblin Shark” and the super-catchy “Spider Baby”, had enough raw songwriting craft to hoist Natur out of the whatever new new-wave-of-etc. ersatz metal ghetto that’s made a trend of bangs, shades and leather. A seven-inch with “Spider Baby” and “Decion” followed soon after, then a two-track split with Hessian coming out last year. Debut album Head of Death will be released in Europe through Earache on 4 June 2012. We’re still waiting for a US date, but expect that to be a few weeks behind. In the meantime, here’s the gnarly “Vermin Rift”, courtesy of Earache. It first featured on the Hessian split but has been given a spit-and-shine for the album.

Natur – Vermin Rift by Decibel Magazine

The thing is: everyone wants to play traditional NWOBHM, informed by the Occult, and while anyone can have the look getting the vibe is the hard part. That’s maybe why Natur rule so much. It’s the vibe.

Natur kinda strike us like the heavy metal chapter of the Goonies; the cover for Head of Death was shot in a graveyard that they used to hang out and get wasted at night, and as drummer Tooth says of a childhood in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, summers were spent, “cruising the beach looking for washed-up shit”. Growing up, all I did was hang out at the ocean and fish,” says Tooth. “We spent a lot of time snorkeling, hiking to different spots and camping out by the beach… Smoking a lot of weed.”

Coming soon: Keep your eyes pointed towards the Deciblog for the full story behind Natur and Head of Death. It involves sharks, Pagan totems, a party and cryptids.

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**Pic credit: Matt McGinley**