STREAMING: Paradise Lost “Tragic Idol”

OK, we’ve just unveiled our first ever Paradise Lost cover story [Decibel #92] and exclusive Paradise Lost B-side flexi disc—which we’re super-chuffed about—but to say that we’ve been sleeping on one of the UK’s most important heavy acts of all time is all kinds of hyperbole.
See, at Camp Decibel, Paradise Lost is given “special status.” Sure, they’ve had sophomore full-length, Gothic, inducted into the hallowed halls of the Decibel Hall of Fame, a vibrant defense of much-maligned “sellout” album Host, and a few one-page stories in 2007 and 2009 to commemorate “comeback” albums nobody in the U.S. cared about—except for Decibel and a few dedicated Painless—but for new album Tragic Idol we felt it was high time to honor the creator of “gothic metal”, the band that influenced so many and so much.

Part of that honor goes into the group’s cover story. Another is the ability to exclusively stream Paradise Lost’s thirteenth full-length album Tragic Idol in its entirety. We know the Painless out there will eat this up blind as bats in the sun, but we want the naysayers, the too-cools, and the don’t-cares to stream at least one track—you pick! Go on. It’s OK.

Other points of Decibel’s interest in Paradise Lost:
1. Stream B-side “The Last Fallen Saviour” from our exclusive flexi disc.

2. Guitarist Gregor Mackintosh discusses metal discography-important metal albums.

3. A story on the so-called Peaceville Three.

** Paradise Lost’s new album, Tragic Idol, is out April 24th, 2012 on Century Media Records. Pre-order it HERE.