Buy a killer t-shirt from Justin Bartlett because fuck cancer

Justin Bartlett, eternal metal art badass, is going through some trying times. His 28-year-old sister Ashley was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer on March 3rd and:
On March 5th, she underwent emergency grueling surgery which seemed to last a day. Not only did the surgeons remove a 6″ and an 8″ tumor removed, they unfortunately had to perform a full hysterectomy. As bad as things ended up being, they could have been much, much worse, and the hospital was confident they removed a great deal of the spreading cancer. Although she has been recovering slowly but surely, Ashley had to have a shunt installed in order to deliver a chemotherapy treatment directly into her bloodstream.

Using his talents, a shirt has been produced with proceeds going to aid Ashley in multiple ways. It’s an incredibly good cause, and look at the shirt; thing fucking rules.

Aside from being the mind behind the art for the Decibel tour, Bartlett has done work for bands such as Trap Them, Locrian and Moss and will continue to put out incredible work no matter what. But seriously, toss a couple bucks his way and be the first kid on your block wearing this rad shirt.