Scott Kelly launches blog, discusses his solo tour and the new Neurosis album

It’s possible Scott Kelly doesn’t sleep.
Between his solo work, projects like Shrinebuilder and the untouchable legacy of Neurosis, you could rest a battleship on his laurels. But the man seems to never tire, with something new always around the bend. And to keep his fans in the loop with tours, releases and whatever else he finds relevant, We Burn Through the Night has been created, a slick blog with musings and news that already go back years.

I looked for some answers myself I had yet to see posted:

You just got back from a tour but you’re headed to Europe in a little over a week. Do you see yourself curbing your schedule in the foreseeable future or is this aspect of your life as important as it’s always been?

Playing live is always going to be important to me, I don’t see the world as being a place that will support it forever though. so I’m gonna do it while I can where I can. It’s certainly not as important to me now as it was in say, 1993. I’m in a different place now. But I feel the road in my blood I love it and I will always have a taste for it.

Your tour in America was in a car. Will you be going a little bigger in Europe or do you like heading out so sparsely?

No I keep it simple on the solo tours. If I can get another bump up in attendance I might be able to bring additional musicians and then I would need a bigger vehicle. But I do this with my guitar and my backpack, I love it that way.

Has your solo career been satisfactorily separated from your band? Do you feel that people are now coming to see Scott Kelly instead of the guitar player from Neurosis?

Not at all. Most of the people who come to see me play are a slice of the most open-minded Neurosis fans. I would love to get the opportunity to play the songs to a crowd who has no idea who I am. I feel like me and the songs are ready for that now.

Speaking of Neurosis, what details can you give us on the new record?

It’s going in for mastering on May 1. We are completely satisfied with it. Sorry, cant tell you more than that, everybody has to wait.

Finally, who wrote the ‘Star-Reign Down’ riff on “Locust Star”?

I did.