For Those About to Drink: AC/DC-Inspired Beers

Following our previous couple of rants, both in print and on the Deciblog, about AC/DC’s line of Aussie wines, we started to notice that there are a hell of a lot of craft beers with AC/DC-inspired names. So, even though the band may not see the connection, craft brewers clearly do. Here are some that we turned up. Feel free to let us know about any others out there.
Actually, before we get into this we should first mention that the above image, which is “Track 3” from Lost Abbey’s Box Set, is inspired by “Hell’s Bells.” Previous tunes in this set include “Runnin’ With the Devil” and “Stairway to Heaven.”

And on that same note, we present Hell’s Belle from Big Boss Brewing in North Carolina, which is a golden ale made with Belgian yeast and malts.

Then there’s the decidedly darker Back in Black from 21st Amendment brewery in San Francisco. This is a black IPA loaded with aroma hops and conveniently packed in a can.

Last but not least we have Beer Valley’s contribution, Highway to Ale. This big-ass barleywine will definitely have you “going down, all the way down.” To the ground, that is.

And just so you don’t think you’re getting out of here without some actual AC/DC music, we present a Bon Scott-era performance guaranteed to make you want a drink.