The “Oh For Fuck’s Sake” in Ohio

I grew up in Ohio and even have the state outline tattooed on my miserable excuse for a bicep (with a skull and crossbones inside — YOU FIERCE, BOY!). So it gives me great pleasure to announce — two fucking days after April Fool’s, no less — that sanity has prevailed and the first date of the Decibel Magazine Tour has been royally fucked… by Jesus. The scoop from our friends at Good Fight Entertainment:
Agoura Hills, CA – April 3rd, 2012 – The highly anticipated inaugural Decibel Magazine tour kicks off in a mere eight days in Columbus, OH. It wasn’t too late, however, for the venue owners to prohibit the bands from appearing at The Brewmaster’s Gate. Behemoth, Watain, The Devil’s Blood, and In Solitude are being forbidden from playing at the venue because of religious conflicts with the venue owners. These bands are no strangers to this type of treatment, and a new venue has already been confirmed. The Columbus, OH show will now be at Al Rosa. Tickets for this show are still available and can be purchased HERE.

Behemoth’s front man, Nergal, comments further: “Wow, big motherfuckin’ WOW! We are facing a legendary moment: Amerika, the land of the free, is banning Behemoth coz of religious beliefs. The madness starts in Ohio, but of korz we are playing anyway. Nothing can stop us now. God, please save me from this freedom…”

Anyway, yeah, according to our calendars, it’s still 2012. Awesome, huh?