Horrendous added to open Charlotte date of the Decibel Magazine Tour

OK, Behemoth have the authoritative death-black hybrid thing perfected. Watain has done — via literal death garb and all sorts of illicit/disgusting ingestion stuff — for black metal what the Norwegians wanted to do. The Devil’s Blood has the whole occult folk-rock-doom triangle on lock, which corresponds somewhat nicely to Watain’s own occult aspirations/bloodlust. And In Solitude — also with leanings into the occult, magic, and ritual masks — have to be the purest heavy metal group to come out of Sweden since Silver Mountain shook a headful of brains back in ’83.
So, we here at the dBHQ are (dis)pleased as rotten cheesesteaks that multi-state throwback death metal outfit Horrendous will open the Charlotte date of the Decibel Magazine Tour. Having lost our heads (quite like Helga) to Horrendous’ debut album The Chills (Dark Descent), it made absolute sense to feature a no-nonsense, gore-prone death metal act like Horrendous as part–if only for one date–of the traveling metal bazaar that is the Decibel Magazine Tour.

“Traditional, classic death metal,” states Horrendous guitarist/vocalist Damian Herring assertively. “Thrashing, ripping, yet melodic and churning with the weight of a thousand corpses. As a band, we’re delighted to have the opportunity to unleash this hellish mayhem upon the crowd in Charlotte for one night of this Decibel tour. Despite Horrendous being pretty unknown in the grand scheme of the underground metal scene, Decibel recognizes the spirit and passion of our death metal, and we’re grateful. None of the bands on the tour (including us) play the same style, so it should be an excellent, varied night of metal.”

Horrendous will exclusively play with maggots and stinky coffin goo while jamming some seriously righteous old-school death at Amos Southend:
May 4 – Charlotte, NC – BUY TICKETS

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