Ides of Gemini added to open Los Angeles date of the Decibel Magazine Tour

If you’ve read Cry Now, Cry Later or one of J. Bennett’s many (read: nearly all of them) cover stories for Decibel, you’re probably familiar with the dude. He writes like he’s on some sort of drug, but actually it’s just the rarefied air he breathes. Unlike the rest of us hobbits (i.e., 6′ and shorter), Bennett’s head’s literally in the clouds. Like that big giant with a ship for a hat in Time Bandits.
Anyway, what most of you don’t know is that Bennett also helms–with the help of Sera Timms–genre-bending outfit Ides of Gemini. First self-released and now on Neurot Recordings, Ides of Gemini is one of those bands that can’t be classified or pushed through an easy category filter. There’s bits of everything in there (except for Mozambique deathfolk), and the hot pot of influences–mostly loud and guazy–makes for some seriously thrilling music. And, guess what? You don’t have to have your head in the clouds to like it.

“I could rattle off the usual blather about being thrilled to be part of such a killer lineup,” posits scribe/bathrobe aficionado/Ides of Gemini musicman J. Bennett. “And every word of it would be true. But I’d be more to the point by saying I fucking love nepotism when it’s used properly. And I can’t think of a more proper usage than tapping Ides Of Gemini to be the opener on the Hollywood date of the Decibel tour. It’s like when Black Sabbath brought Lita Ford out on the road in ’82 because she was banging Tony Iommi. Her first solo album wasn’t even out yet (just like our album won’t be when we hit the stage on April 25th), and people maybe didn’t give her enough respect because she’s a woman (we have TWO of those), but she went on to kick a fair amount of ass before marrying the dude from Nitro or whatever. The best part, of course, is that we didn’t have to sleep with Tony Iommi to get this gig. I just had to dedicate about seven years of my life to Albert’s deadlines. And I’d do it again in a second.”

Ides of Gemini will exclusively play songs of ethereal death at the House of Blues Sunset Strip
April 25 – Lost Angeles, CA – BUY TICKETS

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