Doom adepts Samothrace added to open Seattle date of the Decibel Magazine Tour

The last time we at the dB HQ heard Seattle’s Samothrace was, well, last week, but the last time the quartet made scene-like waves was way back in 2008, on the Life’s Trade LP. What has Samothrace been up to in the years between? Probably writing an epic of Grecian proportions. Actually, that’s exactly how Samothrace has whiled away four years. They’re preparing for album number two.

Of course, timing is everything, and with the inaugural Decibel Magazine Tour storming through Seattle, we really couldn’t find a more fitting opener to rule the minds and ear canals of fanatical Jimmy-come-earlies. Guitarist/vocalist Bryan Spinks commented as such: “Man, this tour is great. There ain’t no bullshit going on with this one. All the bands are tough as hell and have been putting in the time and work for a long time. It is definitely a triumphant return for Behemoth, which is just amazing. While there is a bit of feeling forsaken in making the underground more accessible, just as in the punk, metal and hardcore movements we all grew up in there is a kid out there somewhere that is looking but can’t find that which they need. Heavy, crushing music that speaks to them. Gets them by. Thru the peaks and valleys, so to speak. What this tour is doing is making that possible in a tangible means, not just a listen on a friend’s stereo or the Internet. Rad!!! The bill is solid and there will be many ‘heads out for these shows. All the local support I’ve seen listed thus far is killer, too. Gonna be some really great shows.

“The idea of bringing the underground up to a more accessible level can be a good thing,” Spinks continues. “We have always said ‘keep it heavy, keep it underground’ and have kept this ideal throughout the years, but we have also seen the even further rise of the popularity of the doom and stoner metal movements. If there are folks that want to hear it, why keep denying them by playing smaller shows and keeping shit a secret? I want to keep some things sacred, just as we all do, but at some point you gotta pass the joint. There also seems to be a fan base of even larger proportions for these movements ‘growing’ all over the world, to be quite honest. Being that it has been less accessible and tucked away in small and mid-sized venues for so long adding a bands such as Behemoth and Watain might help turn some new ‘heads onto what both they and we are doing as bands. Samothrace is definitely taking it down a notch for the medium BPM of the show, but we are all there, bands and fans, to worship amps and riffs and this form of music, underground music, that keeps our heads and hearts alive. We can definitely dig that…”

Samothrace will exclusively play the songs of doom ‘n’ gloom at El Corazon: April 20 – Seattle, WA – BUY TICKETS

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