Black metal warriors Nightbringer added to open Denver date of the Decibel Magazine Tour

Now that we’ve announced doom gods Evoken and black-sludge purveyors Wolvhammer as regional openers of the inaugural, totally tits Decibel Magazine Tour, it’s time we bring the music down a few shades of color. See, Evoken are a dark shade of grey, clouds of doom and desolation, so to speak. Wolvhammer slide along the grey color spectrum; sometimes they’re almost black, others they’re a lighter grey; think the collapse of urban life at the hands of eternal winter. Well, folks, it’s time to get darker. Black or ultra-black.
“Nightbringer is honored to be able to share the stage with such legendary acts,” beams Nightbringer guitarist/vocalist Naas Alcameth, his burning agate eyes aglow with anticipation. “It is not often that the fans here in Colorado get to witness such aural ceremony and we are more than eager to partake.”

Indeed, very rarely do the denizens of the Rocky Mountain Empire get to witness darkness in concentrated form. The addition of Nightbringer to Behemoth, Watain, The Devil’s Blood, and In Solitude is positively cosmic, or anti-cosmic depending on which side of the path (mostly Left) we’re on. It’s an alignment of evil that will rock the Rockies from the highest peaks to the lowest valleys.

Nightbringer will exclusively play the songs of black and ultra-black at Summit Theatre:

April 17 – Denver, CO – BUY TICKETS or BUY PACKAGE

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