Blackened sludge purveyors Wolvhammer added to open Chicago date of the Decibel Magazine Tour

Chances are if you haven’t heard Wolvhammer, you may’ve read some of drummer Heath Rave’s Deciblog rants on the virtues of Pantera’s Power Metal opus, peeped his Varg “visionary” tattoo primers, or checked out members of Wolvhammer in mid-tour exploit.
“I definitely think this is a well thought out lineup for a tour,” beams Rave on the opportunity. “Although the four bands make sense together, at the same time, their styles are really quite unique between them and their legitimacy can’t be denied. We’re definitely honored and privileged to be asked to open up the Chicago show, and my mom and step dad will be there that night. I hope they stay for Watain.”

In any case, we really want you to hear Wolvhammer before they hit the lights in Chicago, so we’ve embedded the track “Writhe” for pre-ticket buy perusal. “Write”, a lava-flow black track with Northern traits, appears on the group’s 2011 LP, The Obsidian Plains. Now, we don’t hear the “concrete, sewer and human skewers” influences, as cited on Wolvhammer’s Facebook page, but art is always open to interpretation and our interpretations are: Wolvhammer is harder than J. Bennett’s tits on a February night in The Gopher State and blacker than the ex-ashes of the Fantoft stavechurch.

Wolvhammer will exclusively play the songs of black and night at:
April 14 – Chicago, IL – BUY TICKETS

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