Not Exclusive- Scourge Schematic: ‘Life Savings’

The name of Scourge Schematic’s debut is not exactly cryptic. Life Savings is what the four-piece cashed in to record this EP, hoping somebody out there would give a damn.

Money well spent, dudes.

Clearly influenced by the death and grind giants of the 90s, the band has soldered elements of thrash and punk rock onto these tracks with a quad-vocal salvo that hits from all sides.

But the Seattleites never let their skills or the overall brutality of their attack overpower riffs that stick in your head like a piece of shrapnel from ‘Nam. This is a formidable album of serious deathgrind that will only make that bangover worse.

Listen to the opening track above, and then go to their Bandcamp to pay whatever you want. And if you dig it, for god’s sake drop a little cash to show you give a damn.