Say hello to the weekend with RED FANG’s “Hank is Dead” video

Oh praise be! The most miserable month of the year is all but over and it’s the weekend. This has been such a dry-mouthed hump of a month, but when Red Fang released their video for their super-catchy loose-minded stoner jam “Hank is Dead” the Deciblog made like Barney Gumble with the non-alcoholic champagne and got drunk soley on the power of suggestion. This shit’s the weekend enabler.
Directed by Whitey McConnaughy, the “Hank is Dead” promo vid is another victory for the comedic potential of hairy guys who drink too much, guys whose world view is so bent out of shape from riff-worship that what else could they be but God’s honest slackers?

Now, shamelessly cut’n’paste from the Relapse official press communiqué, Red Fang drummer John Sherman had this to say about the making of the video:

“Another great concept from the brilliant mind of Whitey McConnaughy. This one came together super quick with the help of some insane Portland locals and their sick air guitar skills. We basically just threw a big party and had a blast while a bunch of cameras ran. That is my shower Aaron and Bryan and Bobcat are in at the intro, btw. It still has a weird ring around it…”

Cool. Anyways, here is “Hank is Dead”

(Is that paper aeroplane shot has an homage that terrible Korn video, or is it just us?)

Red Fang might divide some of you for not taking their shit too seriously but they can still hold a song together, and besides it’s all about the lifestyle: Beer, guitars, weed… The essentials. Why sweat the small stuff? Hey, someone’s got to score the party record. But—seriously—what the Portland, Oregon might lack in fury and the bummed-out angst to win the Palm D’Or across the board for video output alone.

“Hank is Dead” is the third time the band has worked with McConnaughy, having directed videos for “Prehistoric Dog” and “Wires”, and long may this meeting of minds continue.

“Prehistoric Dog”


“Hank is Dead” is taken from Red Fang’s Murder the Mountains, available now through Relapse. Buy it here.

And have a right good weekend.