Sven De Caluwe’s (Aborted) Top 5 ’80s Slasher Flicks

#5 – Halloween
End of the ’70s to be exact… But hey, Michael Myers is a bad-ass and one of those slow stalker killers that for some reason never go down and make the body count go higher by each sequel. It has to be said though that this is also one of the very rare cases where the re-make is better than the original. Rob Zombie’s first Halloween remake was beyond amazing, and I highly recommend it.

#4 – Evil Dead
Both part I and II, which are pretty much the same thing, kind of. [Laughs] Again, a killer combo of scary and funny, plus a hilarious performance from Bruce Campbell as Ash. Demonology was always interesting to me, and this whole tape recorder thing was so out there. A true classic no one can afford to miss for sure! If I think about it, probably Dead By Dawn is my favorite.

#3 – A Nightmare On Elm Street
Not all of the series is that scary or gory or anything, but the whole concept of the series always intrigued me — and Freddie must be the most hilarious bad guy ever. It scared the crap out of me when it came out when I was a kid. Now it’s just funny of course, but the atmosphere and build-up, mass hysteria among the kids, and the tongue-in-cheek one-liners from Freddy just made this a feast to watch. I would recommend part 1 and 3 the most.

#2 – Day Of The Dead
A true Romero classic, very fitting to our new album actually. What would the world look like after the world is overtaken by flesh-eating zombies? There you go — few survivors, one of the most scary and depressing atmospheres I have ever seen in a movie, and the zombie-into-pet training from Dr. Frankenstein is plain hilarious! Lots of gore for the fans, make sure to check it out.

#1 – Re-Animator
Obviously! Killer Lovecraft adaptation that forms the perfect balance between horror, kitsch, and humor. A true classic that every so-called horror fan should know by now! And lets not forget that it has crazy doctors and zombies… And I play in Aborted, enough said, I think! [Laughs] “Weeeeesttttt, youuuu baastaaaaard!!!”

I would love to add The Texas Chainsaw Massacre obviously, but I had to pick just five movies [Laughs] Love those movies. Utterly hilarious in every aspect and sick as hell! Also, the re-makes were pretty damn good for those!! Check ’em out.

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