IRON REAGAN: Hardcore/crossover crew feat. Municipal Waste/Darkest Hour

All of you long-haired wastoids presently staring at the fridge, beer bong ready, weed order placed, Cheetos-in-bowl, etc… impatiently waiting for the new Municipal Waste record to drop, you might want to wrap your headbang around the new demo from Iron Reagan. Featuring Waste singer/party enabler Tony Foresta and bassist Phil “LandPhil” Hall, the line-up is rounded out by Paul Burnette and Ryan Parrish, both formerly of Darkest Hour.
As you’d expect/hope, their four-track demo eschews overly-complicated arrangements in favor of hardcore/crossover, let’s-go-thrash-it-up jams in the vein of D.R.I. and so forth. If it wasn’t permanent winter at the Deciblog we’d have drained the pool and got to work on re-working some old skating injuries, but as it is we’ll settle for deskbanging instead. Less beer-orientated than Municipal Waste, raging instead on current affairs (well, Reagan’s long gone but, y’know, society issues, etc.), Iron Reagan sees LandPhil handling guitar with Burnette on bass. For a dude who values his daily brain bake on the weed, young LandPhil sure is keeping himself busy, shooting a new video for Cannabis Corpse too.

Cannabis Corpse “Where the Kind Lives”

Anyways, presenting Iron Reagan.

If you’re in Richmond, VA this weekend, Iron Reagan will be playing their first show at an all-day matinee at Strange Matter on Grace St, supporting Weekend Nachos, Full of Hell, Street Pizza and Abyss. All the details can be found here. $7 will see you through the door.

Weekend Nachos

Full of Hell

Street Pizza