Win the 12″ for Birds in Row: ‘Collected’

The overblown, furious, tarnished melodies of Birds in Row is the reason why Deathwish Inc. is going to be releasing the French trio’s debut full-length. But the always killer Vitriol Records was able to slip in first and release Collected, a vinyl compendium of everything the band has bruised folks with so far.
Vitriol is going to give one lucky fucker a free album based upon whatever random contest I can think up. And here it is:

Send me the funniest phrase in French you can think of. I can’t read French so it has to end up funny after being run through Google Translate.

I don’t have time to set up some special email account for this so if you want the record (or I happened to shit all over your deathcore band because you completely deserved it), contact me at

I’ll give you until ehhhh Saturday.