STREAMING: Terrorizer “Subterfuge”

There isn’t just a horde of zombies coming from Camp Terrorizer. There are hordes of zombies. Plural. As the first Terrorizer, helmed by the inimitable Pete “Commando” Sandoval, album since 2006’s Darker Days Ahead, Hordes of Zombies repositions two members of Morbid Angel as the bad-ass mother-monster truckers we’ve come to expect (at least since Domination). Sided by new guitarist Katina Culture (who replaces the sadly departed Jesse Pintado) and vocalist Anthony Rezhawk, the reboot of Terrorizer shows no mercy.
Delighted to be one of the first to hear and then premiere new Terrorizer tuneage, we stocked up on copies of Resident Evil 2, filled our Hello Kitty Thermoses with napalm, stored ample amounts of Monster Energy drink, and stole as many 12-gauge shotgun shells as we could get away with, ’cause we know after SoundCloud-ing “Subterfuge” to masses it’ll be zombie invasion time. After all, there has to be a few Decibellers left to publish this damned blog. Albert’s already holed up in an undisclosed secure location with his Paradise Lost, Napalm Death, and Cathedral collections, so we can’t rely on him until the coast is proverbially clear.

TERRORIZER – Subterfuge by Season of Mist

** Terrorizer’s new album, Hordes of Zombies, is available February 28th on Season of Mist. Pre-order it HERE. Either that or be subject to Clockwork Orange-styled repeat listens of “Radikult” and “Destructos vs. the Earth / Attack” while we (aka the Deciblog staff) laugh maniacally behind a soundproof lexan window with puppies etched into it.