STREAMING: Ptahil “For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory” Album

In a universe of unpronounceable band names from cultures far flung and unfathomably distant, the Deciblog herewith and hereby and therefore brings you Ptahil (allegedly mouthed “Pet-a, Hill”). The band name has its origins in the Mandaean religion (Wikipedia, thanks), which like all things cool as fuck, from an occultist’s point of view, emanates from then-Mesopotamia, now-Iraq (presently most of the current Mandaean adherents live in persecution in family-friendly, always-cheerful Iran). But this here Ptahil? They’re from Fort Wayne, Indiana, which ironically, from Ptahil’s point of view, is also called, City of Churches (Wikipedia, thanks).
Not one to be outdone by any other band with a weird name and Satanic tendencies, Ptahil’s new album, For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory, was “composed and recorded in complete adversarial ritual”, which means its sonic tendencies corrupt the pro-faith folk and incite the anti-faith folk. Or, you can just listen to it, taking away that it’s at once unconnected to the fast and forested Norse stuff and very connected to American sensibilities of down and dirty, low-end black.

To show you what we hear in Ptahil, we’ve summoned the free-app streaming gods at SoundCloud, obtained ever rightful, if somewhat malign, permission from Ptahil’s terran masters, and are now offering the full, unadulterated album of For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory for you to enjoy while you do spreadsheets and other desk-related work. If your eyes turn red and the boss notices, however, please see the legal agreement at the very bottom of the page. Yes, you consent to whatever nefarious stuff happens while exposed to Ptahil on the Deciblog.

Ptahil – For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory by Decibel Magazine

** Ptahil’s new album, For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory, is out now on Wraith Productions. Order it HERE, or find yourself burning eternally atop Satan’s black porcelain throne without water or toilet paper, though toilet paper might just make your subterranean matters much worse.

** Legal agreement: The Deciblog is in no way responsible on Earth, Heaven, Hell or whatever conceptual dimension for the contents of Ptahil’s audio sorcery. By listening to 1 second or in full, we bear no legal responsibility and all that stuff. Notarized and wax sealed.