STREAMING: Nekromantheon “Blood Wisdom”

What do you get when you cross prime German thrash — Sodom, Kreator, specificially — with the unparalleled gravity of Brazilian thrash, which was influenced by prime German thrash? Norwegian noisemakers Nekromantheon.
Formed in 2005 in the same town (Kolbotn) that birthed the mighty/Deci-approved Darkthrone, this power trio from the North is perhaps one of the most potent post-nu thrash entries since new thrash pre-dated nu thrash by about seven years. And, by new thrash, we’re talking fellow Norwegians Infernö, Swedes Bewitched, Nifelheim, Cranium, Gehennah, and just about any side project signed to Osmose and/or Necropolis.

Imbibe in the furious attack that is Nekromantheon’s “Blood Wisdom”:

Nekromantheon – Blood Wisdom by Decibel Magazine

** Nekromantheon’s new album, Rise, Vulcan Spectre, is out January 2012. Order it HERE, or die by the sword in endless pain by Norse madmen with morbid visions. Got all that?