Saviours & Ramming Speed – 11/30 – Brooklyn

This show was at Saint Vitus, a heavy metal bar in Brooklyn. The place has a separate room for the stage, which is nice, or rather, brutal. I’d like to go there when there’s no show, because it was packed. I was there to rock, not to brush my cock against a bunch of bearded dudes wearing black-framed glasses. But I know – it’s unavoidable in Brooklyn. I don’t know what their beer prices were like because at the time it seemed more feasible to buy tallboys from the bodega next door and pound them in an alley. Tallboys of Bud were two bucks, tip included, and the homeless dude named “Croaton” was good company. In retrospect, I suppose I should have thanked him for not robbing me.
Both the openers were from Brooklyn. I missed Bad Dream, but I like their name, and a creepy little girl told me they were really good, so…Elks were next and they definitely sounded good. Standard stoner rock, and the the rhythm section sounded particularly heavy. But it was one of their guitarist’s last show, and they had a little bit of a moment on stage. After that I couldn’t enjoy it anymore. I hate it when dudes show emotions. The guitarist’s shirt was also very tight.

Ramming Speed played next, and I do believe I was feeling the most pounded for their set. Obviously they’re blasting good time live. If you’re not familiar with Brainwreck, then move along I guess, because apparently you’re fucking up. I’m not gonna, like, describe it for you.

I ran into two problems at this concert, and the first was the bunch of stiff folks who didn’t want to get pushed around during this intensely fun set. Their singer was a wildman, he was wearing swim trunks, and he cracked several funny jokes. It took a long time for anyone for lighten up and for some raging to break loose.

When Saviours took the stage, they were just waiting a moment for their bass player to join them. I was shocked when he did – it’s no longer jovial-looking shredxpert Cyrus Comiskey! They had some new guy, who was fetching them beers! His name is Carson Binks, from Parchman Farm. To his credit, I thought it was Cyrus shredding bass on Death’s Procession, but apparently it’s this guy. Impressive. Anyway, look at his pale hairless body. Maybe they should tell him, “Dude, only the singer gets to take his shirt off.”

Of course, Saviours totally delivered. The Death’s Procession tour can’t help but rock, unless they have Mexicans Karaoke it or something. Although, I they only played one song off Crucifire…I could have used more, but whatever.

The second problem I ran into at this show was that during the Saviours set – get this – some idiot was hardcore dancing. Christ, and I’ve seen this before: the displaced hardcore kid. Due to his hard core, he has to act like all shows are hardcore shows. That’s why this helmet was throwing punches and kicks a Saviours show. I’m all about kicking women and beating them unmerciful, whatever, but at a Madball show. C’mon dude, not while I’m trying to headbang. I’m wasted, and I’m smoking a blunt, and you are seriously fucking with my headbanging. And his friend was wearing a backpack in the bar. Did high school just let out? Why can’t he stash his drugs against his penis, like the rest of us?

And thanks to Stephanie Crumley at Brooklyn vegan for taking these pictures.  Does anyone know what’s so vegan about that website? Is it cruelty-free? I don’t care, but sometimes I wonder. I was going to take some pictures, but I felt like a complete fucking douche taking pictures.

Finally – the Beast rolls on! There’s time to catch Ramming Speed, who’re doggin’ it for the rest of December:

17 – Las Cruces, NM – TBA
18 – Austin, TX – Slamalot
19 – Denton, TX – J and J’s Pizza
20 – New Orleans, LA – The Mushroom
21 – Tallahassee, FL – AF House
22 – Tampa, FL – Transitions
23 – Miami, FL – Beelzebubs Cave
24 – Orlando, FL – Wills Pub
25 – Orlando, FL – Hailing Satan and drinking on rollercoasters
26 – Atlanta, GA – 529
27 – Ashville, NC – The Get Down
28 – Richmond, VA – Strange Matter
29 – Philadelphia, PA – International Waters
31 – Allston, MA – WWTAWWTAP