Now stream this: AELTER “Dusk-Dawn/Follow You Beloved”, beat-relieved doom/drone from Wolvserpent’s Blake Green

Aelter is a solo project of Blake Green, guitarist/vocalist for Idaho drone/doom duo Wolvserpent. When joined by partner-in-crime, drummer/violinist Brittany McConnell, Green’s work with Wolvserpent (formerly known as PussyGutt) marks its territory across the dividing range that separates riff-orientated doom rock/metal with its abstract spiritual kin, drone. Anyone who has been lucky enough to catch them live can attest to their introverted, reflective presence, one specializing in slow-cooked intensity, feedback and experimental dirge. See below for footage from last year in New York and you’ll get the better idea.
Wolvserpent live in NYC:

Having released three albums as PussyGutt, Wolvserpent released their debut Blood Seed last year through 20 Buck Spin. It was slo-mo riff meditation, skewed with an elegiac late-Fall/early-Winter rural vibe, and a sense of despondency that’s only really communicable at slower tempos.

But Aelter strips away Wolvserpent’s percussion and goes easy on the fuzz pedal, in much the same fashion as Seattle drone progenitors Earth’s latter work. The press puff says Aelter could exist on 4AD or something, and sure you can hear a little of the Cocteau Twins in the vocals and somnambulant harmonies. Courtesy of the good people of Crucial Blast we’ve got a stream of Green’s first two albums with Aelter, Dusk-Dawn and Follow you Beloved, both of which have just been reissued through the label on a double CD package.

While Follow you Beloved is still available on vinyl, Dusk-Dawn is out of print, so this CD reissue is your best chance of grabbing it. Those looking for some boutique doom for a Christmas gift, or just something to smoke a bowl to or help you come down off the blast-beats and chill, you can pick it up here.

And you can check it out right here: