Red Fang, DEP, Mastodon – Terminal 5, NYC – 11/19/11

Sold Out. What a killer tour, at a venue I am starting to like more and more. This was the Relapse-makes-good showcase, no filler or bullshit. Red Fang opened the show, and it’s always good to see an opener get such an awesome response. Extremely hesher pit – easily the best circle pit I’ve seen going at a large concert venue since I saw Municipal Waste open for GWAR. Now look at that dude rocking out in that picture; he’s like the Walt Whitman of rocking. (Yeah, that’s a poetry joke.) That’s also the best picture I’ve ever taken while moshing. After that one they kindly asked me to turn the flash off. And some idiot kept running around requesting “Prehistoric Dog” the whole time. Dude, they were obviously saving it for last last.

The Dillinger Escape Plan did what they always do: create an intense shitstorm of chaos. Even for someone who “didn’t get” Miss Machine for years, I felt like I still knew the whole set. I included that blurry picture of the bass player because while I was in the photo-pit snapping hot shots, in the middle of a song, he grabbed my mom’s shitty little camera out of my hands and slid it up and down the strings of his bass, and then he carelessly dropped it on me. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks to all the Sierra Nevada in my system, I actually caught the fucking thing. Then, while security were booting all the nerds out of the photo-pit, DEP’s singer, Greg Patchuko, says, “That’s right you fucking nerds, get the fuck out of there. This is a fucking concert, not a goddamn photo-op. Get in the pit.” I couldn’t agree more. Live in the moment you fucking toolsbags.

They brought the original singer, Dimitri Minkaksis out for the two last songs: “Sunshine The Werewolf” and “43% Burnt.” Of course, it’s impossible not to rage blindly during “43% Burnt.” While I was crowdsuring, someone grabbed my shoulder, and I without looking, I instinctively elbowed this person. It turned out to be Greg Patchuko, who was crowdsurfing next to me. He was unfazed by my attack, and he said, “Fuck yeah, dude,” before wading away. I bet I bruised him.

As that picture implies, Mastodon were highly Psychedelic. I tripped balls during the Crack The Skye tour, and now I see that it might have been overkill, because I was only wasted and stoned at this concert, but I was seeing and hearing some crazy shit. I mean, look at this shit. There’s no special effects there.

Their set was a smooth mix of new and beloved, integrating The Hunter seamlessly and painlessly. I can’t imagine anyone complaining about it, because it’s just the nature of the beast. As an encore they brought everyone on stage from DEP and Red Fang and do an epic version of “Creature Lives.” I hate to admit it, but it made me feel warm and tingly.

And a big shout out to Buffalo Bob, Relapse’s notorious promotional scumbrush, who turned 27 at the concert. Bret Hynes forgot to wish you a happy birthday from the stage, so I’m stepping up.