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Veteran death metal guitarist James Murphy (Death, Obituary, Cancer, Disincarnate, Testament) has found that the brain tumor he defeated in 2001 has unexpectedly returned. Although the tumor is benign and is currently being treated pharmacologically — chemotherapy remains an option — Murphy needs our help.
The medication Murphy has been prescribed has crippling side effects, which force him to abandon his work as a producer at his own SafeHouse Production while he undergoes treatment. There are other more expensive medications on the market, but at $1,000 per month his options for more effective treatments are limited.

“A spike in the hormone indicator for the tumor, as discovered by a blood test that was followed up by an MRI to confirm, showed that the tumor was again active, and had grown a bit,” said a statement prepared for Murphy. “Luckily not enough to require surgery, but radiation treatment was still on the table. The decision was made to defer the radiation treatment for 6 months, during which time the tumor would be attacked pharmacologically, increasing the dose of the drug used to hinder its growth to a level which leaves James wiped out, overly fatigued, nauseous, and unable to work to earn his living at full capacity. A better drug, one that has less side-effects, and would require a much smaller dosage is available, but considerable vastly more expensive.”

If you would like to donate to Murphy, he’s set up a PayPal account where you can help him.

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Or if you are unable to donate, but would like to wish him well during his recovery, you can do so by visiting his Facebook page.

We here at Decibel Magazine wish Murphy a blastbeated and arpeggiated return to full health.