STREAMING: Anal Cunt – Choice Possibly Gay Cunts from “The Old Testament”

Anal Cunt, otherwise known to jittery magazine editors and PC fucks the world over as AxCx, rarely failed to mash the fuck button like 5-year kids hopped up on donuts and Mt. Dew. Not solely because of the group’s name either. Fronted by Seth Putnam, the Massholes from Newton pushed every possible boundary and penetrated — sans rubber, natch — every possible orifice over the course of their active, noise-making cycles.
Unfortunately, the world lost Putnam last summer at the tender age of 43. As a fitting (super-gay) close to his reign of PC terror, Relapse has compiled a bunch of barely listenable, always offensive EPs, 7″‘s, one-off tunes, and other audio anomalies known as “music” for Anal Cunt fans to posthumously enjoy like salami lollipops and tuna fish sandwich bubble gum.

Long song: “1st Demo”
Anal Cunt – 1st Demo by Decibel Magazine

Short song: “Riverbottom Nightmare Band”
Anal Cunt – Riverbottom Nightmare Band by Decibel Magazine

Anal Cunt’s The Old Testament is out November 22nd, 2011 on Relapse Records. What better Black Friday gift could there be for grandma and grandpa. God knows they have enough doilies and ties to last them 14 lifetimes. Get them the gift that keeps on giving. Order NOW.