In My Eyes In Your Eyes

As a Northeast male of a certain age I was psyched to see Revelation Records post the “ill-fated” unfinished documentary on the last show of straight-edge hardcore band In My Eyes, along with a cool little epilogue from guitarist Anthony Pappalardo…

EDGE DAY 2000: The Last Show Of In My Eyes from Revelation Records on Vimeo.

…which led me to this trailer for Pappalardo’s new book Live… Suburbia! featuring an excerpt that is touching and funny despite its disses of my home state of New Hampshire — though, in fairness to Pappalardo, he apparently lived in Salem, which means, essentially, he judged a house after living in its septic tank… (I kid, Salem-ites! You may not have had any witches, but I bought many compact discs in your wonderful mall complex!)

Me,You,Youth Crew! from Anthony Pappalardo on Vimeo.