OUT NOW! Decibel’s Thrash Metal Hall of Fame Special Issue

That’s right, folks, our Collector’s Edition Thrash Metal Hall of Fame issue is back from the printers and available—right now—to buy from the Decibel webstore and a select few indie record stores.
After hopefully violating innumerate health and safety regulations to print the third of Decibel’s gnarly Hall of Fame Collector’s Editions in Vic Rattlehead’s patented radioactive ink, producing seven Hall of Fame inductees with such concentrated levels of awesome that random acts of stagediving could be declared a danger to national security any minute now, it’s time to point your mouse at the Add To Cart button.

We should probably mention what’s inside the cover but first let’s just admire the work of artist Andrei Bouzikov. Clearly drawing on his experience penning cover art for the likes of Municipal Waste and Skeletonwitch, Andrei’s composition of thrasher astride a shark that’s devouring a skull that’s eating a pizza is fit to be hung in the Louvre. If ever there was a piece of commissioned art ticking all of the boxes at the one time….

Inside, we welcome Prong’s Beg to Differ, Anacrusis’ Reason and completing the Big Four power-smash Megadeth’s Rust in Peace to the hallowed ranks of Decibel’s Hall of Fame. All three are exclusive to this issue, and join Slayer’s Reign in Blood, Anthrax’s Among the Living and Metallica’s …And Justice for All.

There is also the matter of our Top 50 thrash records of all time, and we all heartily respect your right to verbally eviscerate us over our choices. Feel free to go nuclear on the comments section, and make an impassioned case for any future Hall of Fame inductees.

So folks, grab it while the going’s good. Chris Dick’s Rust in Peace…, er, piece has to be one of the high-water marks in our Hall of Fame series, and it’s great to see the most slept-on band of all time Anacrusis get the full-on love they deserve.

Here are three videos to whet your appetite for our new inductees:

PRONG “Beg to Differ”


ANACRUSIS “Imprisoned”

MEGADETH “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due”