STREAMING: Vallenfyre “Desecration”

Upstart British death metallers Vallenfyre will be new to most, but the group’s membership is as seasoned as they come. Featuring Paradise Lost’s Gregor Mackintosh on vocals/guitar, Paradise Lost drummer Adrian Erlandsson, My Dying Bride’s Hamish Glencross on guitar, and Doom bassist Scoot, Vallenfyre have only issued the Desecration / Iconoclast 7-inch to date. Limited to 500, natch. But that’s about to change on November 1st, 2011.
Vallenfyre’s debut album, The Fragile King, blends Mackintosh’s early influences—a bit of Celtic Frost, bloody stumps of Autopsy, Nihilist’s frosty heaviness, the dissonance of Amebix, Discharge’s no-frills drive, a sustained riff or two from Candlemass, and Trouble’s doomed tendencies—into a sonic force that, especially considering the age of its lineup, bites deep and hard. Most importantly, it doesn’t feel manufactured. The trademark HM-2 heft is there, but Mackintosh and Glencross’ penchant for the morose lends a new air to NWOODM (New Wave of Old-School Death Metal).

For a limited time only—2 days—we’re offering via sacrificial Internet lambs Vallenfyre’s “Desecration”. And, yes, that’s Mackintosh’s throat emanating from your puny laptop speakers. Brutal, no?

Vallenfyre – Desecration by Decibel Magazine

Vallenfyre’s debut album, The Fragile King, is out November 1st on Century Media Records. Nab it HERE.